Quick takes
Pam writes food columns and recipes for the Ottawa Citizen newspaper in Ottawa, Canada. Visit this section to view recent recipes from Pam's weekly "Quick Takes" column. Please Note these recipes will change on a regular basis so if you want to use them, be sure to print them and stay tuned for future recipes. Enter Here

Trillium on TV
Pam cooks with Leanne Cusack (with CJOH TV NEWS) every second Monday at the Trillium Cooking School. These are the most recent recipes from the show. If you live in Eastern Ontario, tune in to CJOH at noon or print the recipes from this section. These recipes will change so be sure to save them if you will use them. Enter Here

Kids Cook
There's something for everyone! There will be a new kids recipe each month. Collect them all and enjoy them with your family and friends. Enter Here

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